The Big, Blue Boat

In December of 1998, my oldest was 10, my youngest was 2.5, and my middle-est had just turned 4. I was working Swing Shift, so I got to spend my days with my family. Everyday, we would watch Daniel Boone and Paladin together while we ate lunch. (At the table, as a family.) One night, I sat down and wrote a little poem, that turned into a little book. I scribbled out some pictures, and bound it in a little cover, hoping that it would still be around when my kids had kids. I thought I would post it here for your amusement. The colors faded during the scan, but it’s 15 years old, and I guess that is to be expected. Hopefully, you will enjoy it, and maybe share it with your kids or grand kids, if they are still small. Remember, as sad as it is, they don’t stay little, long.

BBB 001

If I could have just one wish,BBB 002


That I knew would come true.


I’d wish for a great big boat,


Then we could paint it blue.




BBB 003Then when the paint had time to dry,


We would all set sail.


And all keep watch for dolphins,


Or maybe see a whale!




We’d sail away to distant lands,BBB 004


On seas both rough and calm.


In case there was an accident,


We’d surely bring your Mom.




BBB 005

We could play like we were pirates,


We’d dress and act so bold.


Then we’d stop at every island,


To search for long lost gold.






And if we found a treasure chest,BBB 006


That was filled with bubble gum.


Would we chew it all ourselves?


Or give everybody some?




BBB 007We’d share the treasure with our friends,


And all blow great big bubbles.


We’d make sure not to swallow it,


‘Cause then we’d get in trouble.




Treasure, boats, and bubble gum,BBB 008


That wish would be all right!


But, now it’s time to close our eyes,


I love you all, Good Night!

Well, that’s the story my friends. I hope it made you smile.

Tune in next week, ’cause you never know what’s living,

Life Inside My Head!



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